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The Riverview Corridor and Transit in the Twin Cities

Since I started serving on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Riverview Corridor transit project, I’ve had a front row seat from which to view the planning process here in St Paul. This isn’t the first time I’ve served on a group like this, but it is the most intensive and serious effort so far.

Credit Cards – Still Failing?

Have you received your new chip-protected credit card yet? The new cards are supposed to eliminate fraud by requiring a PIN, stored in the chip, at every purchase. As Barataria reported last year, the credit card system has to be considered completely compromised after a large number of security breeches at nearly every retailer.

What is Software Worth?

When is the value of something not its true value? When you’re adding up Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of course. That may sound ridiculous, given that the rise and occasional fall of GDP is the yardstick by which we measure how we’re doin’ as an economy. Isn’t it just the sum total of all the goods and services that we produce?
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Betting on Low Interest

When will the Fed raise interest rates? If you ask investors, the answer is “Not this year”. Bets have been placed on bond futures which imply that the Fed Funds Rate will be no higher than a quarter of a percent at the end of the year – hardly any rise at all. But if you ask the Fed, it’s going to come soon.
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Electronic Medical Records Recognized

Hudson Physicians has been recognized as a leader for its use of advanced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), an organization that sets the standards for technology use in health care. HIMSS Analytics named the St. Croix Valley clinic a Stage 6 institution, one of the highest awards they can give.
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Barataria has been discussing some of the key skills and perspectives that define the next economy with an eye towards teaching them to the next generation that will need them the most. Cooperation in competition is certainly rising in importance in a higher technology world, as is the need for a flexible workforce and a greater reliance on automation.
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Crude Goin’ Down

The sign out front reads $2.899 for a gallon of gasoline. Prices haven’t been this low for at least four years. What happened? Will the price stay this low? The short answer is that a lot of things happened, some of them mysterious. And it can’t remain this low forever, but perhaps for a few months.
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The Benefits of a Health Savings Account

Health insurance can be expensive and confusing. For many people, a health savings account (HSA) combined with high deductible insurance is a great option that is cheaper, offers tax advantages and puts the power of choice back in their hands. Health savings accounts have been called “A powerful financial tool to cover medical expenses and save for the future.” by Kiplinger Financial. Link to Story

Disruptive Philanthropy

“Change is now our constant companion and we can choose to be creative in our response to it, approaching it as an opportunity in partnership with each other.”. That was the message delivered by the Charities Review Council at their annual forum, “Disruptive Philanthropy”, held on September 30th at the University of St Thomas.
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Riverview Corridor

How is a successful transit project designed and implemented? In the past I’ve complained bitterly about a St Paul project that went badly and praised one that seemed to be going well. The difference? Primarily, it’s about engaging the public and making sure that everything is accounted for. Today I am a representative of the Fort Road Federation on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the Riverview Corridor.
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Best Local Bloggers In Minnesota

Five Minnesota bloggers eclipse all others by popular choice. For example, Minneapolis resident Abraham Piper’s writings on the website he publishes ranks among the top 7,000 in the world. That’s not bad when you consider that there are seven billion people in the world. Read about Piper, and several other local bloggers worth knowing about, below. Link to Story


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